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Thema: Icons beim Verschieben nicht sichtbar Hallo! Ich hab folgendes Problem unter Win XP: wenn ich ein Icon per Drag&Drop verschieben möchte ist dieses...

  1. Hallo!

    Ich hab folgendes Problem unter Win XP: wenn ich ein Icon per Drag&Drop verschieben möchte ist dieses während des verschiebens nicht sichtbar. Ich seh nur meinen Mauscursor. Normalerweise sieht man doch dann eine leicht durchsichtige Version des Icons, die am Cursor klebt. Wo kann ich das einstellen?

    Vielen Dank im voraus
  2. Hab die Lösung (defekte win32k.sys)!! Hier die Anleitung für all diejenigen, die das gleiche Problem haben:

    Icons disapear when they are dragged and moved around

    The problem seems to lie in the file win32k.sys (which I think comprises the OS kernel, or at least handles a lot of functions related to window/icon rendering).
    To all you need to do is replace the corrupted version of this file with the working version, which you can extract from your system recovery CD (the purple one).

    To do this:

    1. Go into Tools | Folder Options (using the drop-down menu of any folder) and make sure that the following options are selected:

    Show hidden files and folders
    Display the contents of system folders
    ...and that the following options are NOT selected:

    Hide extensions for known file types (optional, but helpful)
    Hide protected operating system files

    2. Insert the system recovery CD into your CD-ROM drive, holding down the shift key to avoid the auto-recovery application menu from showing up (or just close the menu when it pops up).

    3. Open My Computer, right-click the CD-ROM drive with the CD in it, and select Open or Explore.

    4. Open the folder I386, which will contain a LOT of files so you may want to switch to List view.

    5. In this folder, locate the file win32k.sy_, right-click it, and select copy from the pop-up menu. This file is a compressed version of win32k.sys.

    6. Now, on your computer, browse to the folder C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 (or wherever your System32 folder is, it may be C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32). Paste the file you just copied into this folder (e.g., select Edit | Paste from that folder's menu).

    7. Within the same folder (System32), locate the file win32k.sys (not the win32k.sy_ that you just copied, but the actual win32k.sys) and rename it to something else so that you have a backup copy of your old file (e.g., win32k-backup.sys).
    (Sidenote: I was actually surprised that I did not get any warnings about sharing/access violations when I did this... I guess Windows loads this file into memory on startup and then releases the lock on it?)

    8. Now for the tricky part that takes us back into the wonderful halcyon days of MS-DOS. Open a command prompt window (e.g., Start -> Run -> type cmd and press Enter). Type the following command:

    cd \windows\system32

    (replace \windows\system32 with the actual location of the System32 folder on your machine)

    Once you've done this and you are in the System32 directory, type this command:

    expand win32k.sy_ win32k.sys

    9. In the explorer window displaying the contents of the System32 folder, verify that there is a new file in this folder called win32k.sys (it may be at the end of the file list instead of in alphabetical order). Right-click this file and select Properties. Verify that both the creation and last modified date are both August 29, 2002.

    10. Reboot your machine.
  3. Quelle ???


    EDIT: Alles klar und Danke vielmals ;)
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