Mit BGFAX und FUTIL faxen nach Urigeller Art..

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Thema: Mit BGFAX und FUTIL faxen nach Urigeller Art.. N Abend, Ich möchte garnet soviel verraten einfach mal einen alten windows95 oder DOS Rechner nehmen die...

  1. N Abend,

    Ich möchte garnet soviel verraten einfach mal einen alten windows95 oder DOS Rechner nehmen die selbstentpackende EXE datei ausführen und diesen Text durchlesen

    Zuerst die Dateien des FUTIL Ordners inden BGFAX Ordner kopieren.

    Fossiltreiber BNU mit BNU.EXE /L1:0 auf COM1 laden. FUTIL auf COM1 mit FUTIL /P0 laden

    In BGFAX.cnf auf COM2 stellen

    Mit Pfeil nach Oben Taste und STRG und der Funktion z.b 3 für CONNECT die Modemmeldungen simulieren

    Mit dem Befehl BGFAX /SEND fax.txt 555-1212 dann Faxe versenden


    ` Turns all (FUTIL) processing off (default state)
    0 Forces (and keeps on forcing) no carrier
    O Simulates an->OK' and forces carrier low
    E Simulates an->ERROR', forcing carrier low
    N Simulates a->NO CARRIER', forcing carrier low
    B Simulates->BUSY' forces carrier low
    F->CONNECT FAST', carrier high
    9->CONNECT 9600', carrier high
    3->CONNECT 2400/REL', carrier high
    2->CONNECT 2400', carrier high
    1->CONNECT 1200', carrier high
    R->RING', carrier low
    V->VOICE', carrier low
    I->RRING', carrier low

    Was FUTIL ist

    FUTIL FOSSIL Companion
    Version 1.10


    A FOSSIL Companion Utility

    Copyright (C) 1989

    Unique Computing Pty Ltd & David Nugent

    FidoNet 3:632/348.0
    AlterNet 7:833/387.0
    FreeNet 23:2/3.0

    June, 1989

    FUTIL.COM, FUTIL.ASM and accompanying documentation are released
    free of charge in the interests of encouraging others to
    contribute to the Fidonet community and to provide information and
    assistance to those learning the ropes in communications and
    programming in general.

    This utility will be of particular interest to those wanting to
    test their systems locally, simulating a full connect, logon and
    logoff using no or a direct wire external connection. It will
    also assist (a little) those wanting to delve further into the
    workings of FOSSIL.
    - 1 -
    FUTIL FOSSIL Companion
    Version 1.10

    FUTIL has only two possible command line parameters.

    FUTIL [/Pn] [/U]

    /Pn Install for port->n' (0-16), default is port 0 (COM1)
    /U Uninstall from memory, if already resident

    FUTIL - What is it?

    FUTIL is a small TSR (terminate and stay resident) utility which
    acts as a wedge between FOSSIL and a FOSSIL aware application
    (such as a mailer or BBS). Using keyboard commands, you can
    simulate modem return codes and FOSSIL status information to
    ->fool' the application into thinking that it has connected,
    received carrier and has a remote user logged on. This is very
    useful while setting up a new BBS, or to simulate a modem to
    modem connection with two locally hard-wire connected machines.

    FUTIL fools the application by providing the means of intercepting
    FOSSIL calls, optionally ->eating' transmitted characters,
    returning modem result and connect codes and manipulating various
    modem status information returned by a FOSSIL. All result codes
    and status changes can be entered and manipulated from the

    FUTIL is known to work with BNU and Opus!Com. It will normally
    work with X00, excepting where an application uses the x00 high
    level language interface to bypass INT 14H and call the driver
    directly. Therefore use with X00 is not recommended (but will
    usually work).

    In thory, FUTIL should work with just about any other FOSSIL in a
    100% PC, PC/AT or PS/2 compatible under MS-DOS.

    Why release source?

    FUTIL's source is provided to enable its customisation to your
    particular purpose. This will extend its usefulness. For
    example, with slight modification, it can be used to intercept
    standard BIOS calls in a similar way. Keyboard->hotkeys' can also
    be changed and added to, additional codes added, other
    communications status bits status by altering the keyboard tables
    and re-assembling.

    FUTIL *works*. But it should not be left resident unless during
    testing or unless it has been completely deactivated. BE WARNED!
    Since FUTIL provides the ability to set and override real
    communications status information (such as carrier detect), this
    can cause failed connects or complete confusion so far as your
    FOSSIL application is concerned. Use only under direct
    - 2 -
    FUTIL FOSSIL Companion
    Version 1.10

    This source can be easily used as a learning tool both in the
    ->art' of FOSSILs and the->hotkey' aspects of TSR's. To
    investigate what FUTIL does, it is advisable to have a copy of the
    FOSSIL specification handy. The source is heavily commented.

    Supplied configuration

    FUTIL is pre-configured for COM1 (FOSSIL port 0) - may be
    overridden with the command line switch /Pn - and will by default
    not be active. In this state, it will pass all calls through to
    the resident FOSSIL driver unmodified and returns all information
    unaltered. However, the keyboard provides a way of changing this
    as follows:

    NOTE: All keys mus be pressed while holding down the Ctrl-
    Leftshift key combination (this too can be modified).

    Key Result

    ` Turns all (FUTIL) processing off (default state)
    0 Forces (and keeps on forcing) no carrier
    O Simulates an->OK' and forces carrier low
    E Simulates an->ERROR', forcing carrier low
    N Simulates a->NO CARRIER', forcing carrier low
    B Simulates->BUSY' forces carrier low
    F ->CONNECT FAST', carrier high
    9 ->CONNECT 9600', carrier high
    3 ->CONNECT 2400/REL', carrier high
    2 ->CONNECT 2400', carrier high
    1 ->CONNECT 1200', carrier high
    R ->RING', carrier low
    V ->VOICE', carrier low
    I ->RRING', carrier low

    These can be easily re-configured to suit if you have an assembler
    handy (MASM 5.10 or TASM 1.0 required). Each hotkey and its
    effect are configured by changing data in the notkey structures;
    refer to the source for further details.

    FOSSIL calls intercepted by FUTIL are all data transmit/receive
    ones, including->block' transmit/receive supported by FOSSIL rev

    - 3 -
    FUTIL FOSSIL Companion
    Version 1.10


    Programs and documentation are supplied free of charge on an as is
    basis to the Fidonet (and othernet) community. You are free to
    use them in any non-profit venture with no obligation on either
    myself or my company to support or be responsible for any such use
    (or misuse).

    This program and documentation is the exclusive property of Unique
    Computing Pty Ltd, and is protected by international copyright
    laws. By obtaining a copy of the package, you do not own a copy
    - simply a license to use it. All property rights are retained by
    the owner.

    You may use the package and/or give copies of the package to
    others including posting for download on a bulletin board, but
    only in a form that permits inclusion of all files as found in the
    original, archived form in which it is distributed. You are not
    permitted to modify any portion of the package in any way which is
    to be passed on to others, including, but not limited to adding
    files to or removing files from the distribution package, changing
    or editing the documentation, and/or changing or modifying the
    executable program. Permission is granted to repack the
    distribution archive using a different packing method, provided
    that the uncompressed contents EXACTLY match the uncompressed
    contents of the distribution archive (I have no particular
    affiliation with or preference for any particular archiving

    This program is not provided with any warranty of any kind,
    including, but not limited to fitness for any particular purpose
    or consequential loss.

    This package may be posted for download or file request by any
    FidoNet or compatible network system in archived form, and in
    adherence to the terms of the License above. No profit may be
    realised directly from such distribution, although the package may
    be provided for download on pay systems. Distribution on
    diskette form is strictly prohibited unless done for free for for
    a charge not exceeding the cost of the diskettes.

    For commercial application, contact details are:

    David Nugent
    c/o Unique Computing Pty Ltd
    Central Source ICBS BBS, +61-3-874-8927

    - 4 -

    Und nochwas zu Fossiltreiber und BGfax

    Achso: Ich zeige hier nun den Inhalt des Ordners damit Ihr schonmal eine Vorstellung habt was in dem Ordner drinsteckt


    Und hier noch der Link zum eigentlichen Ordner

    Dann wünsche ich viel Spaß beim Ausprobieren

    [br][blue]*PCDCharly: Verschoben aus Small Talk*[/blue]
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